About Us

Our Mission

Bharatveda started with a mission to integrated Ayurveda in day to day life of every person on our earth. To be aware and use the knowledge and principles of Ayurveda for the maintenance of health of a healthy person and cure the diseases' person.

Our Vision

One day we will be able to make most of our population healthy and will seek further possibilities. For this vision to become true we need lots of people to join in network and provide authentic knowledge of Ayurveda and not only mere degree holders.


Ayurveda is now becoming very popular in India and abroad. We target to develop skills / up skill 1 million people in Ayurveda across the global by 2025, mainly by online / offline courses.

Ayurveda Clinical Training

Today Ayurveda health care sector is growing at fast pace causing surge in demand of Ayurvedic doctors. As per the data, more than 1200 new Ayurvedic doctors are entering the health care market each year from north India region alone. But due to poor practical & clinical exposure most of them end up doing practice which is other than their area of expertise.



Ayurveda Clinical Training

Bharat Veda AYURVEDA has started Ayurveda clinical training program for clinical proficiency in Ayurveda for Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurveda clinical training program is a skill development program with primary focus on the clinic management & Practical training in Ayurveda treatment especially for fresher doctors.

Main objectives of Training Program :

The main objective of clinical program is to strengthen clinical skills of Ayurvedic Graduates.

To educate with practical knowledge and skills for setup & running of Ayurvedic Clinic successfully.

To provide in-depth training on monitoring and management of Ayurvedic treatments.

To build up the confidence of Ayurvedic Graduates while assisting them in promoting Ayurveda & help them to excel in their respective field.

To identify and answer the major challenges during Ayurvedic practice.

Eligibility : -

BAMS Doctors / Internship students / final year students can apply.

Duration and timing : - Training Program Duration is for One Month

Timing : - 10:00am to 1:00 pm Theoretical Training and 3:00pm to 5:00pm practical exposure.

Location : - ............ Indore ...............

Seats : - 10 Seats in Each Batch

Fees : - Indian Students : Rs. 15,000

One Month Ayurveda Clinical Training Program

Rs. 15,000

Bharat Veda is a leading Panchkarma centre of central India and a well known name in Practical & Theoretical Panchkarma Training for doctors & therapists. Purpose of Panchkarma is to treat chronic diseases. Our one Month Panchkarma Training Program is a skill development program with primary focus on the clinic management & Practical training especially for fresher doctors.


Panchakarma Clinical Training in Indore – Today Ayurveda wellness sector

and panchkarma treatment is growing rapidly. Now a day's people are more aware about the benefits of panchkarma therapies. Ayurveda's focus is majorly on wellness and treatment of chronic diseases. For quick, effective & better outcomes, Panchkarma is preferred prior to medication. Earlier southern India was more famous for such therapies, but now the scenario is changing. Deep Ayurveda is promoting panhckarma training in north based at Indore through its well established branch dedicated for Training & Research only.


Providing in-depth training about all traditional panchkarma treatments.

Giving practical training in preparing herbal oils & ghrit for panchkarma therapies.

Imparting knowledge for management of all panchkarma treatments successfully.

To build up the confidence of Ayurvedic Graduates.

To address the major challenges during panchkarma practice.

All information about dos & don't of practice.

Study material for ready reference during panchkarma practice.

Expert support after completing panhckarma training running & setup a successful panchkarma center.

Panchkarma Training will be provided by Panchkarma expert & experienced doctor with practical exposure at Pranveda Ayurveda Hospital.

One Month Panchkarma Training Program

Rs. 15,000